#Throwback to Actor in Law

With all the hype surrounding Actor in Law, I’m sure everyone would have watched it by now. If you haven’t though I only have one question to ask: Following Na Maloom Afraad’s legacy, Actor in Law poked fun at Pakistan’s media trends (bright karain anyone?) but has pulled politicians’ legs at every chance they got. Be it Dollar Girl’s tattoo or Bold News’…umm…honest journalism, the … Continue reading #Throwback to Actor in Law

Which movies to watch this season?

September has already started which means Eid-ul-Azha is around the corner which means the movies we’ve been waiting for are about to release! *screams with joy* A few years before all we had to look forward to were fauji movies or movies that were very close to reality because they were cynical. Now, however, directors and producers have recognised the primary role that movies are … Continue reading Which movies to watch this season?

Mah-e-Mir ~ review

This movie had been on my must-watch list since it was announced so you can imagine the excitement I felt as I walked in the cinema to finally watch it. Was it worth it? Well… Mah-e-Mir goes back and forth in time, portraying the lifetime of the legendary Urdu poet Mir Taqi Mir and a modern day, struggling poet Jamal, both played by Fahad Mustafa. … Continue reading Mah-e-Mir ~ review