Sanam ep 5-6: We all have questions!

Ok why has it become so hard for writers to pen down a love story without portraying another woman as a raving lunatic who is nothing except plain evil? Why are mental disorders not addressed with some compassion? By the end of episode 5 Harib was surprised at the direction his marriage was going in because he was so positive and wanted to help Ayla … Continue reading Sanam ep 5-6: We all have questions!

Sanam ~ episode 4 review

‘Harib’s habit of involving others in his problems…marwaye gi kisi din.’ Yes it’s hard to live with someone with a personality disorder but Harib is doing far from his best to handle the situation. Instead of trying to sit Ayla down and talk to her, convince her to see a doctor, he treats her phases like they are her fault and hopes they will pass … Continue reading Sanam ~ episode 4 review

Sanam ~ an overview

Three episodes have gone by and so far Sanam hasn’t moved beyond Ayla’s anger fits. My biggest peeve is Ayla’s negative portrayal even though it is obvious she is suffering from a personality disorder. I was (and still am) afraid Sanam will turn out to be yet another serial that depict the patient as the villain instead of making the audience realise that he/she needs … Continue reading Sanam ~ an overview