Hum Style Awards 2016: highlights

Hum Style Awards 2016 was probably the most anticipated event of the year. The mere introduction of Style in the name of the event made it all the more exciting. As usual there were some unexpected and some very expected wins both on stage and on the red carpet. Here are some of the highlights of the event: Who won? Most Stylish Model (Female) Amna … Continue reading Hum Style Awards 2016: highlights

Sanam ep 5-6: We all have questions!

Ok why has it become so hard for writers to pen down a love story without portraying another woman as a raving lunatic who is nothing except plain evil? Why are mental disorders not addressed with some compassion? By the end of episode 5 Harib was surprised at the direction his marriage was going in because he was so positive and wanted to help Ayla … Continue reading Sanam ep 5-6: We all have questions!

Sanam ~ episode 4 review

‘Harib’s habit of involving others in his problems…marwaye gi kisi din.’ Yes it’s hard to live with someone with a personality disorder but Harib is doing far from his best to handle the situation. Instead of trying to sit Ayla down and talk to her, convince her to see a doctor, he treats her phases like they are her fault and hopes they will pass … Continue reading Sanam ~ episode 4 review

Sanam ~ an overview

Three episodes have gone by and so far Sanam hasn’t moved beyond Ayla’s anger fits. My biggest peeve is Ayla’s negative portrayal even though it is obvious she is suffering from a personality disorder. I was (and still am) afraid Sanam will turn out to be yet another serial that depict the patient as the villain instead of making the audience realise that he/she needs … Continue reading Sanam ~ an overview

Mah-e-Mir ~ review

This movie had been on my must-watch list since it was announced so you can imagine the excitement I felt as I walked in the cinema to finally watch it. Was it worth it? Well… Mah-e-Mir goes back and forth in time, portraying the lifetime of the legendary Urdu poet Mir Taqi Mir and a modern day, struggling poet Jamal, both played by Fahad Mustafa. … Continue reading Mah-e-Mir ~ review

Gul-e-Rana last episode ~ review

If there is one thing I liked about Gul-e-Rana, it was the ending. And the lead pair’s acting. And of course, the northern locations they shot in. The last episode was pretty hasty, or it seemed so to me. The drama dragged for so long and all of a sudden they hushed everything up. I still don’t get the point of Ashar’s storyline, it didn’t … Continue reading Gul-e-Rana last episode ~ review

Mana Ka Gharana episodes 9-14 ~ review

Not a lot has happened since I started missing out on Mana Ka Gharana. I mean there have been developments but considering that I missed around 5-6 episodes, the story has only inched forward. But that is the consistent pace of the serial so I can only bemoan it so many times. When I left off, Sheharyar’s jealousy for Khizar had come to a full … Continue reading Mana Ka Gharana episodes 9-14 ~ review

Mann Mayal episodes 3-4 ~ review

After 3 weeks of hibernation, I finally made myself watch the episodes I missed of Mann Mayal and I honestly don’t know what to make of Salahuddin. Is there any coherence in his character? One minute he is confident that he’ll reach Mannu’s standards if given a few years and the next he’s sure she is a star he can’t reach even when she is … Continue reading Mann Mayal episodes 3-4 ~ review

Mann Mayal episode 2 ~ review

The second episode of Mann Mayal was as enjoyable as the first one. The characters and their relationships with each other were well established in last week’s episode. This week not only did the story move forward, some old secrets were revealed as well. Remember the passing references to Sara baji’s pending divorce? Turns out her parents want her to quit a perfect marriage because … Continue reading Mann Mayal episode 2 ~ review

Mana Ka Gharana episode 8 ~ review

Money can transform people. Or maybe it just reveals their real self. Mana’s mother is a perfect example. A woman who claimed just weeks ago that she wouldn’t want Khizar to suffer in any way is now so against him that she is willing to doubt his character and throw as much dirt as she can at him. He went, against his best judgment, to … Continue reading Mana Ka Gharana episode 8 ~ review