Which movies to watch this season?

September has already started which means Eid-ul-Azha is around the corner which means the movies we’ve been waiting for are about to release! *screams with joy*

A few years before all we had to look forward to were fauji movies or movies that were very close to reality because they were cynical. Now, however, directors and producers have recognised the primary role that movies are supposed to play: entertain audience, and are testing new grounds so we have a variety of movies to look forward to. Here are a few that I’m excited about:



actor in law

After Na-Maloom Afraad, how can you not be excited about this movie? Apparently Fahad Mustafa is a lawyer who wants to be an actor but alas! Zalim family, especially his father (Om Puri), stands in his way. Mehwish Hayat’s role isn’t clear, from what I’ve gathered from the trailer is that she is either a journalist or a social worker, while Alyy Khan will appear as a journalist. The trailer is heavy with humour, I can only imagine what the movie would be like.

The movie is produced by Fizza Ali Meerza and Mehdi Ali and directed by Nabeel Qureshi. Fahad Mustafa and Mehwish Hayat are the leads accompanied by Om Puri, Alyy Khan, Saboor Ali, Saleem Mairaj, Talat Hussain, Rehan Sheikh etc. All a force to be reckoned with. Check out /the trailer here:

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Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hai


This movie is both Feroze Khan and Sajal Ali’s big screen debut and judging by the trailer, they have clearly worked very hard. They have a rocky marriage mainly because Khan’s character dreams are too big than he can handle. And they also have a kid. The trailer is full of drama; tears, arguments, bloody fights involving a shirtless Feroze Khan etc. but there are also hints of romance and it goes without saying that Khan and Ali together will sizzle up the screen.

Watch the trailer:

Dobara Phir Se

dobara phir se

It isn’t being released on Eid-ul-Azha but since we are talking about movies being released in 2016, I can’t not put it on this list. It is going to be a love story of course but since Mehreen Jabbar is the director, we can be sure that it’s not going to be your average hot larka – bechari larki story. The cast includes Adeel Hussain, Hareem Farooq, Ali Kazmi, Sanam Saeed, Atiqa Odho, Tooba Saleem and others. The trailer is just as promising as the cast and director, watch it here



I wasn’t too excited about this one in the beginning but now that they have released the music and trailer of the film, the fever has caught up with me. Armeena Khan looks adorable as ever as the angraiz cousin who comes to Pakistan and falls in love with a desi, who I’m assuming is her cousin. A cute cousin. It’s obviously going to be a simple rom-com but with all the intense movies that are being released, we don’t mind a light hearted romantic comedy. cast includes Bilal Ashraf, Ali Rehman Khan, Nayyar Ejaz and others. Here’s the trailer:


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