Gul-e-Rana last episode ~ review

If there is one thing I liked about Gul-e-Rana, it was the ending. And the lead pair’s acting. And of course, the northern locations they shot in.

The last episode was pretty hasty, or it seemed so to me. The drama dragged for so long and all of a sudden they hushed everything up. I still don’t get the point of Ashar’s storyline, it didn’t contribute to the story at all. they should have made that story a different serial, like the creators of Vampire Diaries did for the Originals. Then again, it’s good that they didn’t. I don’t think anyone could stomach the constant sighs and droopy looks of Ashar while Rana chirped around calling him bhai.

Adeel’s transformation was too quick to stomach. And it was confusing as well. One minute he is working hard and late and the next minute he is a party, ignoring Rana’s calls and smiling. Am I missing something? And why was she waiting for him after all the indifference she showed toward him?

The end was the serial’s saving grace. I’d started to think it would be the same ‘aurat ka dil bara hota hai, maaf kar dena chahiye’, happily ever after ending but for once, a Pakistani serial damned the viewers thirst for happy endings and went for a more realistic conclusion. After all the abuse, it didn’t matter how much Adeel had changed. He couldn’t have made Rana love him and she didn’t have to stay back because of pity.

Sajal Ali and Feroze Khan were amazing. I loved their acting overall and especially in the scene where Rana finds out about Ashar’s death. They were both so natural. Hoping to see these two together again, in a story that’s well executed so their talent doesn’t go to waste. Oh wait, there is Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hai. Fingers crossed for the duo’s upcoming movie.


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