#Throwback to Actor in Law

With all the hype surrounding Actor in Law, I’m sure everyone would have watched it by now. If you haven’t though I only have one question to ask:


Following Na Maloom Afraad’s legacy, Actor in Law poked fun at Pakistan’s media trends (bright karain anyone?) but has pulled politicians’ legs at every chance they got. Be it Dollar Girl’s tattoo or Bold News’…umm…honest journalism, the movie grabs at every chance it gets to invoke laughter from the audience. The humour is not the only defining feature however. Actor in Law touches on a number of social issues, from harassment to wall chalking to incompetence of courts to deliver justice and channels that run around like headless chickens for ratings. There are also numerous allusions to Pakistan’s pop culture in the early 2000s, (didn’t Mehwish Hayat’s entry in Dil Ye Dancer Hogaya remind you of Faakhir’s Mahi Ve video?) as well as Bollywood.


Courtesy: Mangobaaz


Tight karain inhe, tight karain!



Fahad Mustafa plays Shaan, whose dream of becoming an actor shatters when he tries to tell Humayun Saeed how to act is forced to represent a workers’ union in court. That’s when he realises that he doesn’t have to be an actor on set when he can be one in the courtroom! And so begins his journey as an Actor in Law. Needless to say, he gave a flawless performance.

For the first time ever, we see a Parsi character which made me want to clap like a seal since this community that was a vital part of the struggle for independence and has contributed so much to Pakistan, is hardly ever represented in our dramas or films. Mehwish Hayat must be lauded for giving such a strong performance. Even though she remained Shaan’s side kick, she made her presence felt.

Om Puri is every desi kid’s father when he yells at Shaan in front of everyone for discussing his enthusiasm for acting and Lubna Aslam is the brown mother who begs his angry son to eat his dinner. Saboor Ali is the cute little sister who would stand by her bhaiyaa no matter what happens.


Nabeel Qureshi’s direction is as good as it was in Na Maloom Afraad and with a cast that knows how to act, he has delivered another memorable film. Also he can dance!


Actor in Law is perhaps the most worth watching movie of all those that have been released this Eid. I’ll rate it 7/10.

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