Hum Style Awards 2016: Red Carpet & Performances

Hosted in Expo Centre Karachi, Hum Style Awards red carpet was full of glitz and glamour. There were also quite a few highly anticipated performances *cough Zaid Ali cough*. Following are a few moments captured from last night. Read more about Hum Style Awards: Hum Style Awards 2016: highlights A video posted by The Express Tribune Life&Style (@tribunelifestyle) on Oct 29, 2016 at 2:06am PDT A video … Continue reading Hum Style Awards 2016: Red Carpet & Performances

Hum Style Awards 2016: highlights

Hum Style Awards 2016 was probably the most anticipated event of the year. The mere introduction of Style in the name of the event made it all the more exciting. As usual there were some unexpected and some very expected wins both on stage and on the red carpet. Here are some of the highlights of the event: Who won? Most Stylish Model (Female) Amna … Continue reading Hum Style Awards 2016: highlights

Sanam ep 5-6: We all have questions!

Ok why has it become so hard for writers to pen down a love story without portraying another woman as a raving lunatic who is nothing except plain evil? Why are mental disorders not addressed with some compassion? By the end of episode 5 Harib was surprised at the direction his marriage was going in because he was so positive and wanted to help Ayla … Continue reading Sanam ep 5-6: We all have questions!

Khuda Mera Bhi Hai raises questions no one has ever raised before

Khuda Mera Bhi Hai is an upcoming serial about the fate of intersex children in our society. Being a highly tabooed subject in our society, it is commendable for a drama to tackle it head on. It is penned by Asma Nabeel, who makes her writing debut with a powerful story such as this. Aisha Khan and Jibran Syed are the lead couple in the drama. … Continue reading Khuda Mera Bhi Hai raises questions no one has ever raised before

Osman Khalid Butt EXPOSED!

OMG GUYS! DID YOU KNOW?! What? About OKB. OMG he was such a…ufff! You NEED to look him up. Someone was right to call him mardoun ki QB. QB? He sings? Ugh no! QB. Qandeel Baloch! He used to make these videos on YouTube with some of his chichorey friends and Astaghfirullah, they are so vulgar I can’t even… (Most of the above is quoted) … Continue reading Osman Khalid Butt EXPOSED!

Sanam ~ episode 4 review

‘Harib’s habit of involving others in his problems…marwaye gi kisi din.’ Yes it’s hard to live with someone with a personality disorder but Harib is doing far from his best to handle the situation. Instead of trying to sit Ayla down and talk to her, convince her to see a doctor, he treats her phases like they are her fault and hopes they will pass … Continue reading Sanam ~ episode 4 review

Sanam ~ an overview

Three episodes have gone by and so far Sanam hasn’t moved beyond Ayla’s anger fits. My biggest peeve is Ayla’s negative portrayal even though it is obvious she is suffering from a personality disorder. I was (and still am) afraid Sanam will turn out to be yet another serial that depict the patient as the villain instead of making the audience realise that he/she needs … Continue reading Sanam ~ an overview

#Throwback to Actor in Law

With all the hype surrounding Actor in Law, I’m sure everyone would have watched it by now. If you haven’t though I only have one question to ask: Following Na Maloom Afraad’s legacy, Actor in Law poked fun at Pakistan’s media trends (bright karain anyone?) but has pulled politicians’ legs at every chance they got. Be it Dollar Girl’s tattoo or Bold News’…umm…honest journalism, the … Continue reading #Throwback to Actor in Law

Why Mahira Khan and Momina Mustehsan’s answer to trolls matter

Lately two incidents of female celebrities shutting down haters or trolls (whatever you want to call them) online have made news and for all the right reasons. Momina Mustehsan called out a ‘fan’ on her Facebook page for saying that she looks like his maid and last night, Mahira Khan questioned a person’s upbringing when he asked her if she has been beaten up by … Continue reading Why Mahira Khan and Momina Mustehsan’s answer to trolls matter

Besharam – an overview

After a long time of staying away from my TV set, Besharam became the first serial I caught up with. I remember watching its promos before it started and thinking to myself, ‘looks interesting…I think I’ll watch it’. Thanks to a recommendation from a friend and a Twitter follower, I fulfilled my promise to myself. The drama is highly unrealistic but unlike Mann Mayal and … Continue reading Besharam – an overview