Sanam ep 5-6: We all have questions!

Ok why has it become so hard for writers to pen down a love story without portraying another woman as a raving lunatic who is nothing except plain evil?

Why are mental disorders not addressed with some compassion? By the end of episode 5 Harib was surprised at the direction his marriage was going in because he was so positive and wanted to help Ayla recover from her zehni kefiat. Sorry that your zehni mareeza wife (I cringe as I write these words) didn’t act the way you wanted her to Harib and didn’t fall down on her knees to thank you for trying to help her. She must suffer for not worshipping your noble intentions.

After Harib told her she was a ‘psycho, jahil aurat’, Shehroze too felt free to call Ayla a ‘zehni mareeza’ like no big deal. None of these men are trying to seek any medical help for this mareeza. If he wanted to really help his friend he could have tried to take Ayla to her doctor instead of joining her adult schemes of trying to make Harib feel jealous (which totally worked). A passing mention of a doctor whose calls Ayla was ignoring was made by Harib after he received her divorce notice. Because people with mental disorders are up and ready for therapy, you see. It’s abnormal for them to avoid their doctor. So this is Sanam’s moral message that the viewers should take home: people who have bipolar disorder ought to be shunned by society.

Harib loses it when Ayla misbehaves with Aan’s mother but cannot take a stand to actually save his marriage and help his wife out. He sat at home like a princess who lost her shoe. Seriously what has he done that would show his commitment to his wife except whine to his neighbours about how his mother would have felt if she was alive? He literally told them everything that went wrong in his marriage and heard Aan’s mother calling her out for not being a good wife. The only thing he conveniently left out was that she has a genuine and serious medical condition that needs to be addressed. Aan was more concerned about his marriage than he was.


Speaking of Aan, what happened to her bank job that she was always late for? Why isn’t her van driver honking outside while she lays out Harib’s breakfast EVERY DAY? She saw Ayla’s reaction when she saw her in the house and since she is such a well-wisher of the couple and wanted them to stay married shouldn’t she try to avoid barging into the house at odd hours? Has Harib fired his maid? Why is Aan’s mother cooking meals for him all the time? So many questions which I’m sure will never be answered.


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