Osman Khalid Butt EXPOSED!



About OKB. OMG he was such a…ufff! You NEED to look him up. Someone was right to call him mardoun ki QB.

QB? He sings?

Ugh no! QB. Qandeel Baloch! He used to make these videos on YouTube with some of his chichorey friends and Astaghfirullah, they are so vulgar I can’t even…

(Most of the above is quoted)

This is basically the gist of an article and the comments posted on reviewit.pk about Osman Khalid Butt, who once upon a time was a vBlogger. Then YouTube was banned and that stopped. Just like Noori had to put an end to their vBlogs (I bet you didn’t know that either. Ooh more gossip!). Then Osman Khalid Butt started appearing in drama serials and people who apparently have a really short-term memory forgot that he initially rose to fame through his parodies of Humsafar, Maya Khan, his parodies of Veena Malik’s Astaghfar, superheroes etc., all of which were incredibly enjoyable and loved by people. Yes they weren’t always suitable to be watched with family, but a) no one watches YouTube videos with family and, b) even if you do, those that were explicit were ALWAYS labelled.

So unless you have been living under a rock, you would know about them. His Humsafar parody was played on the post-Humsafar show and laughed at by the cast! So if you were about to come up with the lame excuse of not following him on YouTube, you would still have seen that video because whatever you say, everyone followed Humsafar.

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I know gossip is fun but ‘news’ like this is nothing short of ridiculous. Maybe this was inspired by a bitter soul whose feelings were hurt by his ‘candidness’? Or because he apparently can’t take criticism? We would never know. Regardless of what prompted this exclusive piece, people really need to get a life.


OKB hating on critics


End of rant. Enjoy one of my favourite videos (Mummy Papa k baghair pliss):

And here are some screenshots of the comments for your umm…amusement. Don’t forget to thank me in the comments 😀okb-1



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