Sanam ~ episode 4 review

‘Harib’s habit of involving others in his problems…marwaye gi kisi din.’

Yes it’s hard to live with someone with a personality disorder but Harib is doing far from his best to handle the situation. Instead of trying to sit Ayla down and talk to her, convince her to see a doctor, he treats her phases like they are her fault and hopes they will pass on their own. He isn’t ignorant, he knows exactly what Ayla’s problem is but so far he isn’t even thinking of trying to do anything about it except acting like a confused teenager. By keeping on saying things like ‘tum mujhe ghalat samajh rahi ho’, ‘yeh tum ne kia kia’ etc., he is only making things worse for himself, for Ayla, their relationship and now for Aan and her mother. News flash Harib: situations like these demand to be solved instead of being feared! Kudos to both, Hareem Farooq and Osman Khalid Butt, for pulling that scene off so brilliantly. Hareem Farooq is one amazing actress; instead of playing Ayla as a one-dimensional character who deserves nothing but hate, she has added depth to it. Despite her tantrums, you still pity her.

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To make things worse, Harib has involved Shehroze. I would like to believe his intentions are good at heart but really, to suggest that she shifts at his house? And what kind of a man is Harib? How weak, how indecisive! Whenever he tries to go and ‘make up’ to Ayla there is always something he needs. He takes breakfast for her so he can get in and get clothes from his wardrobe (which he miraculously gets anyway), he asks her to stay home because it will be an embarrassment for him if she goes to his friend’s house. The same friend he invited over to act as mediator.

This is the first hurdle in their marriage and already Harib has given up. ‘Mere dil se utar gayi hai’? From the sob story he told Ayla, you’d think he would face challenges head on but he is turning out to be the most spineless man ever. Even Ayla, who has already made up her mind for divorce, knows marriage is not a smooth ride. And after knowing her condition, did Harib really expect this marriage to be a cake walk? Has he stopped to think, for one minute, that she must be suffering just as much as he is? Aan, who has no idea what’s going on in Harib’s house is more understanding.

Speaking of Aan, the mother-daughter are as shocked as Mr and Mrs Harib are angry. Aan’s mother wildest dreams included Aan getting married off to an insanely rich guy, not be accused of seducing a married man. The otherwise energetic Begum Shaukat was a broken woman and Hina Khawaja Bayat channelled that hurt perfectly. Begum Shaukat did not take long to revert back to her original self though and despite all the embarrassment the mother-daughter had to go through, she managed to retrieve her energy, this time aimed at teaching the badtameez neighbours a lesson and then to vow she’ll fix everything.



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