Sanam ~ an overview

Three episodes have gone by and so far Sanam hasn’t moved beyond Ayla’s anger fits. My biggest peeve is Ayla’s negative portrayal even though it is obvious she is suffering from a personality disorder. I was (and still am) afraid Sanam will turn out to be yet another serial that depict the patient as the villain instead of making the audience realise that he/she needs sympathy and proper treatment instead of hatred and anger.


In the recent episode, however, they finally said it out loud; Ayla has bipolar disorder. They also got all the symptoms right and have added some depth to Ayla’s character by giving us a bit of background. Harib is worried but he is yet to understand the necessity of her being treated urgently and is making all the wrong moves. He knows that talking to other girls or depriving her of attention trigger her mood episodes and yet he stops to tell Aan how he loved the ‘ande parathey’ her mother made instead of introducing her to Ayla first who is sitting in the car right there. Until then he didn’t really know Ayla’s problem so I’ll give him the benefit of doubt here.

But then, after Ayla had another fit of anger, he went on to share it with his friend Shehroze. A friend who has already told Harib that there are bets in the office on how long his marriage will last. Instead of slapping him across his face, he goes on to share his woes. Why would you do that?! Why would you share problems you are facing in your marriage with a friend and then allow him to interfere so he can ‘solve your misunderstanding’? You don’t simply share your marriage problems with others. It is known.

Hina Khawaja Bayat is amazing as usual, providing much needed comic relief. While her ambition of getting Aan married to a rich guy is laughable and pathetic, her care for her only daughter is endearing. Maya Ali as Aan, though in the same garb as Mann Mayal, is as different a character from Mannu as possible. So far. Aan is ambitious and practical, unlike her mother and doesn’t share the latter’s enthusiasm for marriage. But she knows it has to happen someday and just when she starts considering a proposal, Ayla, in a fit of anger, blows it up for her. Will she join the ‘I hate Ayla’ club like many of the viewers of will she attempt to understand Ayla’s position? We’ll see.


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