Besharam – an overview

After a long time of staying away from my TV set, Besharam became the first serial I caught up with. I remember watching its promos before it started and thinking to myself, ‘looks interesting…I think I’ll watch it’. Thanks to a recommendation from a friend and a Twitter follower, I fulfilled my promise to myself.

The drama is highly unrealistic but unlike Mann Mayal and many other productions that completely deviated from whatever their original storylines were supposed to be, Besharam remains on track. I hope I’m making some sense here. If I’m not I’ll spell it out more clearly: it is consistent in its unrealism.

The story is of Mishal (Saba Qamar) who is a top model and belongs to a highly dysfunctional family. Her father (Rehan Sheikh) was a politician who abandoned her when she was 6 while her mother (Atiqa Odho), has had countless affairs, married thrice and had kids from each husband, is still in search of ‘true love’. Mishal is the only one who can handle her so she lives with her.

Haider (Zahid Ahmed) is a passionate young man from a middle class family, who wants to enter politics so he can fix the country. He is spotted by a seemingly patriotic and honest bureaucrat who is establishing his political party and needs young men like Haider. Both Haider and Mishal meet on a talk show and get into a fight and in the heat of the moment, he proposes to her. She accepts and demands they get married there and then. All this on live TV. She then drives to his house with him. You need to watch that scene to understand (if you can) what really happened. It is laughable but I’d still like to defend it a bit. Considering what Mishal was going through at the time, her over reaction was understandable. Kind of. She wants a home where she can live with izzat and security. She rarely knows Haider but is sure he can give her all that. Most of all she doesn’t want to live like her mother so when Haider gives her the option of divorce she tells him to shut his mouth and take her home.

They both face repercussions of this impulsive decision of course. Haider is kicked out of the party and is now penniless, Mishal is no more rolling in money but she is also away from her psycho mom who likes to create drama every now and then. He also makes her quit modelling because ghairat ka sawal hai and she is pretty ok with that. Just like that, Mishal bibi has changed her lifestyle without any complains. The drama is misogynist but aren’t all cute love stories that way? To be fair though, Mishal is not a weakling or a roti dhoti haseena (thankfully). Despite the change in her circumstances, she makes an effort to fit in and instead of shutting herself up in a room or throwing tantrums when the family is reluctant to accept her, she gives them a chance to understand her better.

That being said it’s not that bad. The storytelling is smooth, the characters are fully fleshed out and don’t transform every episode. Editing needs some improvement but it’s still not that bad. It’s been 18 episodes, none of them is a drag and the story is moving ahead at a good pace. And the actors have all done a brilliant job. Saba Qamar and Zahid Ahmed look great together and thankfully there are no long cheesy, romantic scenes between them, their onscreen chemistry is obvious.

All in all an enjoyable watch.


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