Mana Ka Gharana episodes 9-14 ~ review

Not a lot has happened since I started missing out on Mana Ka Gharana. I mean there have been developments but considering that I missed around 5-6 episodes, the story has only inched forward. But that is the consistent pace of the serial so I can only bemoan it so many times.

When I left off, Sheharyar’s jealousy for Khizar had come to a full boil and he’d made it his mission to throw him out of the scenario. By framing him for theft, he did just that. Mana’s mother, who can more aptly be described as Sheharyar’s floor mat, told Khizar to leave the house on that rainy night. The heeroun-jara-ameerzada didn’t stop there though; he ruined Bakology, Khizar’s second most beloved asset. He brooded over it for a night but then rebuilt it with the help of Happy and Laila, the new girl in town.


Khizar ki Laila

It took me 3 episodes to figure out that Laila had moved there and was not a tourist. Needless to say, she has developed a soft spot for Khizar already and doesn’t mind playing nurse either.The best thing about her is that she knows how to keep herself busy and isn’t a girly girl. The minute she said she wanted to drive Khizar’s jeep, I knew he had found his soulmate. I’m rooting for them.

Samaa Shah is playing Laila and she seemed pretty lost at first but she is ok.


Mana ka Dilemma

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Mana was predictably very upset and now she can’t decide what she wants. While she looks forward to the glittery life she’ll lead with Sheharyar, she can’t get over the fact that Khizar has not once looked back. She’s angry that Khizar is friends with Laila. What did she expect? That he’d live alone forever? This family is extremely weird.

Anyway her anger at Khizar’s supposed indifference has led her to question Sheharyar’s behaviour as well. She gets irritated by his constant paisa talk, his measuring EVERYTHING in terms of money and at times she just wants him to leave her alone. She’s also paid Khizar a visit more than once and on each occasion, all she did was provoke him.

Sheharyar too paid Khizar a couple of visits, once alone and the next time with Mana, and managed to pull out Khizar’s suppressed rage. On both occasions, he almost got beaten up by Khizar. Yay to that! He also managed to be rude to Mana and call ‘her’ Sheharyar a coward. High time Khizar!

Those expressions though! GOLD

Gulbahar, upset at Maalik’s admission of love for Zari, yes he said it out loud, demands that the family hands the house over to Mana. Without talking to anyone, without even batting an eye, Saleha begum agreed. Why doesn’t she start licking Gulbahar and Sheharyar’s feet already? She is shamelessly greedy. Earlier on, we saw she held Gulbahar responsible for ruining Maalik’s life but now their mess of a marriage is his fault.


Unfortunately, she needs Khizar’s help and has no qualms in making him look bad in front of the entire family and squashing the bit of pity the sane members of the family felt for him. On his beloved mumani jan’s orders, he’s asked for his share in the house but he is to return the money later. Wow. I don’t know why he even cares now. Let the family wallow in their greed.

In all this madness, Zari is the only sane voice in the house but life is being made difficult for her by both Gulbahar and Maalik. He has finally pulled himself together and realised it was Zari he loves and wants to spend his with her. In his bliss he forgot that Zari’s answer is important. I like Maalik’s character but he is selfish. Of course Zari lost her mind. Who wouldn’t, it’s so insulting. She is not a toy who can be rejected or played with at will.


In terms of acting, Daniyal Raheel and Ayesha Toor really put me off and no it’s not because they’re playing Sheharyar and Gulbahar. Daniyal Raheel just can’t act, he is so monotonous. There is no subtlety in his acting, even when he is supposed to smirk or look angry, he just looks…expressionless.

Ayesha Toor isn’t a bad actress, she is pretty good when it comes to silent acting. But she delivers all her dialogues in the same tone. Her ‘lehja’ when she confronted Zari for trying to hit on Maalik and when she asks Saleha to give their property to Mana was the same.


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