Mann Mayal episodes 3-4 ~ review

After 3 weeks of hibernation, I finally made myself watch the episodes I missed of Mann Mayal and I honestly don’t know what to make of Salahuddin. Is there any coherence in his character? One minute he is confident that he’ll reach Mannu’s standards if given a few years and the next he’s sure she is a star he can’t reach even when she is knocking frantically on his door. Regardless, that scene was so beautifully executed.

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Even his parents are incomprehensible. They could at least have talked. I don’t get Mannu’s father either. He was ready to marry her off to Salahuddin then why didn’t he stop them? Why did he let his daughter suffer the pain of blatant rejection? And later, instead of giving her time to recover he wants to marry her off because according to him it will heal her. Seriously dad, you’re confusing marriage with vacation.


The ever confident Mannu for once looked worthy of sympathy. Never, even in her wildest dreams, could she have imagined reality would smack her so hard in the face. Her conversation with Sara on the roof at night showed that she has matured after realising not everything can go in her favour. BTW that scene strongly reminded me of Dastan. Again.


It seemed that her naïve confidence is now replaced with strength to face whatever will be next for her. But no. Her new mantra is ‘wo nahi to koi nahi’. Her family should really give her some time but instead they want to send her away with a man who even they aren’t sure about. Of all the people he could have asked for advice about Mannu’s wedding, her father goes to Salahuddin. I mean…

It seems that even Hamza Ali Abbasi can’t make out what his character if like but he is still trying his best. But it’s hard to ‘do justice’ to a character that changes his personality every scene. Maya Ali was pretty good at handling Mannu and Gohar Rasheed as Mikail is amazing. Mikail seems like a sweet guy but the ‘shakipan’ in his character came close to the surface when he meets Salahuddin. Then again, anyone would have been uncomfortable and suspicious in that situation.



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