Mann Mayal episode 2 ~ review

The second episode of Mann Mayal was as enjoyable as the first one. The characters and their relationships with each other were well established in last week’s episode. This week not only did the story move forward, some old secrets were revealed as well. Remember the passing references to Sara baji’s pending divorce? Turns out her parents want her to quit a perfect marriage because the man of her choice doesn’t have enough money. And even though the family looks very close to an outsider, there are problems within as betrayed by Mannu’s confession that her unmarried phopo is quite a nuisance for her mother.

It’s not that Mannu is in the dark about all of it. She is well aware but her confidence on Salahuddin’s capabilities and her father’s [supposed] disregard of class difference is enough for her to swim these dangerous waters. This combined with naivety of young age has made her fearless and she doesn’t hesitate in encouraging Salahuddin to confess his true feelings for her. But here lies the problem: does he really even have feelings for her? I am pretty partial to her character, but it’s hard to ignore how manipulative she really is. She knows when to be stubborn and when to bat her eye lashes. Even Sara’s warnings do not discourage her from moving forward. In her bliss, she doesn’t realise that chachi already suspects her and unlike Sara, she won’t prove to be an ally.


Her confidence is so blinding that even Salahuddin is forced to lower his guard. He too has started to hope for a future with Mannu. But he isn’t as carefree as her and realises the impossibility of them ending up together. While Bia is on his side and pushes him on whenever he starts being rational, his parents do not share her enthusiasm. The realistic and simple dialogues delivered perfectly by Hamza Ali Abbasi have made Salahuddin even more perfect. But Sallu mian needs to think: even if the impossible happens, will he even be able to get along with Mannu? These two are poles apart!

Another highlight of the episode was Gohar Rasheed’s appearance as Mikael with Mehmood Aslam and Laila Zuberi as his parents. The scene was hilarious and thankfully not overdone. Ok maybe a tad overdone, when Mannu insists ‘dulhe mian’ should meet Sara in person despite constant reprimands from her family and later offers to show him the house. Dulhe mian was pretty awkward yet amused till he realised the reason behind Mannu’s excitement, her constant references to Sara. Maya Ali and Gohar Rasheed were so effortless and good together k aapas ki baat hai, in donon ki jori bhi khoob jam rahi thi 😉





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