Mana Ka Gharana episode 8 ~ review

Money can transform people. Or maybe it just reveals their real self. Mana’s mother is a perfect example. A woman who claimed just weeks ago that she wouldn’t want Khizar to suffer in any way is now so against him that she is willing to doubt his character and throw as much dirt as she can at him. He went, against his best judgment, to apologise to a man like Sheharyar to save her ‘daughter’s future’ and came back shivering with fever mumbling out apologies in his unconscious state, and yet her heart didn’t melt. She will pummel him to the ground if she has to for the sake of her daughter’s happiness just like she pummeled the clothes she was washing as her husband looked on with astonishment.


Khizar’s apology was the most heart wrenching scene of all. Even the most passionate lovers cannot allow anyone to trample all over their self respect all to please the one they love. That Khizar waited all day long outside Shahryar’s house in heavy rain and ran after his car like a beggar so he could ask for forgiveness signals not just his love for Mana but also the gratitude he feels towards the family for all they’ve done for him. He feels the need to repay and will do anything it takes. But whatever it was, he still should’ve taken an umbrella!

His condition melted Mana’s heart though. I sort of pity her. Poor girl doesn’t even know what she’s bargained for. Her engagement has already divided her family. That became apparent by the fact that Zari and Maalik chose not to disturb the family while they were up all night taking care of Khizar and later when Khizar told her not to come to his bakery. But she isn’t a total bimbo. Despite Khizar’s (false) assurances of Sheharyar being a total gentleman to him, she knows he isn’t being completely honest with her.


It turns out that Sheharyar, though still a jerk, actually loves Mana and doesn’t want to lose her. So despite of all that Gulbahar was (and still is) whispering in his ear, he wasn’t happy with her condition of ignoring Mana for some time. But he still wants to kick Khizar out of the picture. He can’t do it by telling Mana to stay away from him, so now he’s thinking of new ways that would surely end their friendship. He doesn’t realise that he doesn’t have to do anything. Khizar is already trying to distance himself from Mana.

All in all a good episode. Looking forward to next week when Sheharyar will stoop lower than he already has.


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