Mann Mayal episode 1 ~ review

Finally! The first episode of the most awaited serial of all went on air and did not disappoint. We were introduced to the lead characters and their families and thanks to good editing, the episode moved on to reveal a bit of plot line.

The opening scene was enough to attract anyone to this drama. We see Mannu (Maya Ali) walking out of the haveli into a dark alley with a lantern in hand, trying her best not to be seen when she runs into a very stern looking Salahuddin (Hamza Ali Abbasi). Why was she out so late you ask? Well she ‘needed’ to meet her best friend, who happens to be Salahuddin’s sister, Rabia aka Bia because their result is due the next day and Mannu is scared. She wants Bia to take her to the mazaar so they can pray that she passes with good grades. Bia convinces Salahuddin to take them and he agrees.

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It doesn’t work though. In Salahuddin’s words: ab pachtawey kia hout jab chiriyan chug gayin khet. Mannu fails and despite all her protests, Salahuddin is appointed as her tutor.

Salahuddin and Mannu are poles apart in terms of both, personality and social class. While Mannu is a careless, outspoken and naive girl who is used to getting everything she wants, Salahuddin is practical and very serious about his future. He is preparing for his CSS exams. The two are neighbours and their families are very close. And I’ve already mentioned that Bia and Mannu are best friends. Salahuddin’s mother doesn’t seem too fond of Mannu though. The same can be said about Mannu’s mother, who isn’t too happy about this tutor arrangement because she thinks it’s time for Mannu to get married. Mannu has started to get other ideas; she has developed a serious crush on Salahuddin and is trying her best to impress him. With such a handsome tutor, who wouldn’t?

The episode was visually appealing, the lighting, sets, shots were perfect. Thankfully there were no long scenes. I would’ve complained about the background music but I love the OST so I won’t. I just hope they don’t overdo it. The actors are pretty good, I loved Ayeman Khan (I think that’s her name, I’ll check again) as Bia. She is adorable and very reminiscent of Arfa from Pyaray Afzal. The sibling bonding between Bia and Salahuddin, where she is scared of him yet very close, is nicely portrayed so is the friendship between her and Mannu. Hamza Ali Abbasi is back with a bang after Pyaray Afzal. You can see spot Afzal’s intensity in his portrayal of Salahuddin but it’s a completely different character and Abbasi has worn this new avatar with ease. Maya Ali was good as usual. Mannu is the opposite of Faarah, and it’s a character which most actresses would’ve overdone, making her look nothing more than an annoying, silly flirt but Ali’s performance was pretty balanced. There was a lot of talk about Haseeb Hasan’s perfect direction and it showed.

The dialogues are simple yet classy, patent Samira Fazal. Salahuddin’s urdu is supposed to be very qayeday ki and he has an inbuilt auto correct system that cannot ignore any mistake in pronunciation, but even his dialogues aren’t in the complicated Urdu that would remind you of Ghalib’s era. There is an element of humour too.

Next episode we’ll be introduced to Mikail (Gohar Rasheed) and the promo looks interesting. I’m on board!


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