Gul-e-Rana episode 12 ~ review

One word for this episode: bipolar. From the first scene to the last, every scene had a different mood which had no link to the previous one.

Adeel seemed both ashamed and sorry after losing temper earlier and tried to make up for it by complimenting Rana but then tried to restrain her from leaving and then challenged her to free herself from his grip if she could. Remember that scene in the OST where the two are sitting on a bench and Rana tries to leave but Adeel holds her hand and we all thought it would be oh-so-romantic? Yeah that’s the one where he almost twisted her hand. Saying sorry was out of the question of course but he made her some tea and tried being romantic so she would soften a bit. Thankfully she didn’t.

While Adeel’s was still himself, i.e., arrogant, unpredictable and cruel, there was a lot of confusion surrounding Rana’s character. One second she didn’t even want to talk to Adeel, the next she was commenting on how beautiful the weather is. What made me laugh out loud (literally) was her asking Adeel to talk to the husband of their servant’s daughter and stop him from beating his wife. Asking a man who forced her to marry him on gun point and slapped her a day ago, to tell another man who does the same to his wife…irony overload!

Adeel’s double standards were exposed again as he defined what a ‘perfect biwi material’ is. A woman with spotless character. Rana reciprocated by saying he was never her choice because of the same reason, as she wrapped up his freshly laundered clothes. Just goes on to highlight how messed up up society is where it’s the men’s preference that matters.

Side note: who wears a hat at home?

Then there were her solitary excursions where she wandered around the woods till nightfall even though she didn’t know the way home, without bothering to tell anyone or even carrying a phone. Once she went with her housekeeper and ran back home holding his hand and the other time she asked a stranger (who was a man, haw!) for help because she didn’t know her way back home. I hate to say this but just in the previous episode she condemned a woman for asking a man for help and thus exposing herself to danger. Now what is Rana’s defense for doing the same? She had never even seen that man before, he could’ve taken her anywhere! Luckily he wasn’t a pervert so he helped her find her way back. Anyone with the least amount of courtesy would’ve invited the guy over for tea and introduce him to the family. It seems, however, that by this point Rana has forgotten basic manners. When Adeel asked her why she didn’t invite him over, she said it was ‘na-munasib‘. Ok.


Anyway, after trying to make her talk to him and failing, Adeel finally asked her if she had a problem with him. Oh the irony. That’s when Rana snapped and told him that she wants divorce. Adeel was taken aback (which was pretty surprising, he should’ve seen this coming) and told her that’s not going to happen.

Immediately after, she convinced taya abu to let her come to Karachi. Adeel turned extremely nice towards her and since she was happy and didn’t want anything to spoil her mood, (that’s my understanding) she agreed to go out with him. That’s when things took an ugly turn: she ran into the helping guy while they were out leading Adeel to suspect her (again) and his decision to not let her out of the house. Circumstances were in his favor; he overheard her emotional conversation with Ashar, with taya abu in his wake and created a scene and accused her of hanging out with strange men. Rana was dumbfounded.

There’s a serious problem with her, whenever she gets a chance to speak, she lets it go. How hard was it to say that she was talking to her cousin? What sort of woman would just stand there while she’s being called characterless? Even later, when taya abu asked her to explain she just sat there! Adeel, of course, took full advantage of her silence by playing victim and signing it off with, ‘isey dantain mat, jane dain bachi hai’.

Despite all my issues with the episode, I couldn’t help but enjoy the last scene. Feroze Khan was so brilliant. His sly smile as he watched Rana being questioned, the subtle ups and downs in his tone as he pretended to be innocent…everything was perfect. You have to give it to both him and Sajal Ali for handling these crazy characters so brilliantly. Only Sajal Ali can manage to make Rana’s prolonged silence seem meaningful. And only Feroze Khan can make you hate a character yet appreciate his cunning.


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