Mana Ka Gharana episode 7 ~ review

What happened in MKG’s 7th episode, my friends, is what happens when you fall in love with someone after finding out they own a sexy car. Ok no, people with awesome cars can be nice too. But not if they are nephews of women like Gulbahar. Then there is a 99.99% chance that they are a douche and Sheharyar is no exception. Mana, his sweetheart, is as good as his car or phone or any of the gazillion lakhoun ki cheezain that he owns. Her worth is measured by the amount of money he spends on her. Since she is no more than a pretty object, her family is of no importance to him either and Khizar is extra baggage that should be thrown away in the attic.

Mana realises this but has chosen to ignore it. Though she did try to make him understand Khizar’s value in her life, he doesn’t give a damn about her feelings and has become downright condescending towards the poor guy. I was so heartbroken for Khizar I wanted to slap him to make him angry enough to throw something at Sheharyar. He’s trying so hard to not react so Mana can be happy but everyone has some limits.

Even when he does talk about Sheharyar’s faults, he does it for Mana’s sake and that too when they are alone because he knows that it has to be her decision whether or not she wants to live her life with the city jerk. Besides, Mana alone will understand that Khizar’s advice is sincere and not based on his personal prejudice. How selfless can a man get?! Mana, blinded by Sheharyar’s charm, doesn’t want to hear the voice of reason though. She is convinced that Sheharyar loves her. Khizar’s drawn out moha-bb-at at that point didn’t help much, only made her more annoyed.


She didn’t have to listen though. She saw Sheharyar’s true version herself and that too on their engagement. He slapped Happy in front of everyone (amid a lot of Star Plus like dhish dhish sound effects) because the poor kid accidentally knocked into him. Any sane girl would’ve thrown away that ugly ring and ran as far away from the beast that was unleashed when Happy made him angry as possible. He didn’t even care that there were guests around. It would’ve been embarrassing for any family but for Mana’s family where even raised voices are an alien phenomenon, it was a huge shock as well. I thought the engagement would be over there and then. I mean look at their faces! But no.

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Who in their right minds would want to live with a man with such extreme anger issues? Even if the girl wants to be stupid enough to walk in the relationship anyway, her family knocks sense in her. I’m surprised that even Maalik or Zari didn’t try to state the obvious like they always do! Mothers are most concerned when it comes to these things; the last thing a mother would want is for her daughter to spend her life with someone who is so belittling and short tempered. But what does Mana’s mother do? Gets upset because Khizar asked Sheharyar to say sorry to Happy and thus embarrassed him.

Though Khizar was bothered by his aunt’s anger, what truly made him anxious was Mana’s reaction. Since for Khizar, Mana ki khushi se ziada koi or cheez ehmiyat hi nahi rakhti, (this line made my heart flutter like a butterfly. Seriously Mana how can you NOT be affected?) he has once again agreed to put aside his self respect and apologise to the brat who has won over the love of his life.


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