Mana ka Gharana episode 5-6 ~ Review

Mana’s life is finally changing. And Sheharyar does not hesitate telling her that every chance he gets. He has his chirya now and wants to make sure she knows how lucky she is. He is your typical bad guy. Rich, refined, charming, arrogant and proud who belittles others even when he offers a compliment. Mana is completely under his spell but her apprehension and lack of trust for him is visible as she walks away Khizar in relief when he tries to hold her hand.

Sheharyar, in every way, is the complete opposite of Khizar. Where Khizar values Mana’s opinion and happiness over everything, Sheharyar couldn’t care less about what she thinks. While the family’s well being is Khizar’s top priority, Sheharyar has absolutely no respect for them. Needless to say, he hates Khizar and regards him as his rival. Khizar on the other hand is trying his best to ignore Sheharyar’s glaring faults that the family is blind to and just be happy for Mana’s sake. But his devotion to Mana is too much to take at times. It’s not OK to be so nice all the time!

The last two episodes not only foreshadowed the dynamics of Mana and Sheharyar’s relationship, they drew parallels between him and Khizar and shed light on how this development has affected Mana’s friendship with the latter. He would no more sit with her by the fire and talk for hours at night. Class difference, too, has become more defined. That Mana considers Khizar to be in the same category as Happy and Gulabo speaks volume about his place in her life.



Gulbahar’s intention behind this rishta also became clear: she wants to patch up with Maalik. Sheharyar knows this but it isn’t clear how much he cares because so far he’s come across as an extremely selfish person. Zari is the only person who knows whatever is happening isn’t right and doesn’t try to hide it.


The story is moving at a snail’s pace though. There is a need of a good editor before the story becomes too boring.

This is the first time I have seen Daniyal Raheel in a negative role and though he has tried his best to be convincing, at times he is monotonous. Of the rest, Shamil Khan continues to stand out as Maalik. Sana Javed is adorable as the shy, small town girl with big dreams while Shahroz Sabzwari as a heart broken yet level headed lover just makes you fall in love with Khizar.


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