Gul-e-Rana episode 10 ~ Review

Rana has grown some guts since the last episode. She didn’t lack them before but this week she didn’t let any chance of driving Adeel crazy slip by. My favourite ones were:

‘Jab insaan ban jayen ge na, tab bat karun gi.’

‘Insaan jesa khud hota hai na use doosre bhi wese hi nazar ate hain.’

‘Mai jab ap donon ko dekhti hun na kabhi kabhi mujhe aisa lagta hai Allah ta’ala ne ap donon ko bilkul aik doosre k liye banaya hai. Mai pata nahi kahan se beech mai agayi.’

But her behaviour is contradictory. While she talks back to him without any fear, she didn’t mind doing his packing, albeit happily which irked him enough to threaten her with Ashar’s life. It worked to great effect though; the threat was enough to give her nightmares and wake up while calling out his name which only made him angrier.

Adeel’s mood, too, keeps swinging like a pendulum. One minute he is jealous of Ashar, the other he calls his wife an idiot. Then he claims he doesn’t even notice Rana and in the very next scene, tells her he needs her.

She even tried to take a leaf from his book and laying down a web to trap him by complaining about how he went out with Maria without her (she sent them) to his father. What she forgot was that she was dealing with a person who is a master at manipulation and can turn any situation to his advantage. So what did he do to break through Rana’s trap? Apologized to his father and promised to make up to his ‘galey ka locket’ by taking her along everywhere he goes, the first stop being Islamabad.

But despite all her snarky comebacks, Rana seems to have accepted this marriage. She presents a very positive image of him in front of her mother and sister, tries to make him believe that Ashar is like a brother to her and he should stop suspecting her. And why didn’t she go to Ashar’s dholki?! Someone please answer this! The entire family went, Adeel was out of town, what was stopping her? Considering her contempt for Adeel, it is extremely surprising that she has actually given up trying to get rid of him unless she has a master plan that we don’t know about and that requires her to go with the flow which is highly unlikely. Impossible, actually. So while the story is moving on, I don’t know where it’s going.

Rana’s insistence that her mother and sister are her responsibility is also bizzare. How does she plan to support them exactly? And it’s also sad to see she feels that way because it’s her mother who should rise up and try to take responsibility but all she does is sit in her room while her daughters bring her endless glasses of water.

Sajal Ali made me fall in love with her all over again. Though her character seems to have no direction at the moment, her acting was effortless and natural. It was a joy watching her. And her dresses! She looked amazing in every scene. ❤ ❤ ❤

Feroze Khan was in his element as always and lit up the screen in the darkest way possible. His acting wants you to slap Adeel but then you kind of hold your hand because it’s his face. And that’s sad because Adeel is unforgivable. Dilemma, dilemma.

Next episode will officially start the much anticipated part of story in Murree.


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