Gul-e-Rana episode 9 ~ Review

I’m actually trying to tone down my anger while writing this. The slightest bit of hope, the little, almost nonexistent amount of faith I had that there is a good side to Adeel, that he has some boundaries is gone. I don’t know how this man can be redeemed or even be forgiven. Rana should just file for divorce, family reputation be damned.

So I’ll skip commenting on the first scene because there’s a risk I might smash my screen, blinded by rage. Adeel kept coming up with new ways of torturing Rana and she kept trying to get back at him but her success rate is less than 0.1%. Every time she defies him, he manipulates the situation so she can’t even shake her head in protest. As difficult as it is to admit, but he was right when he told her, ‘meri kisi bhi bat ko inkar karne se pehle sau dafa socha karo. Koi bat bhi mai tumhari taraf ghuma sakta hun’. Jerk.

Also, it turns out Adeel is not as sophisticated as everyone thinks he is. He’s already banned, yes BANNED, Rana from meeting her aunt’s family, especially Ashar, because he doesn’t need to meet those middle class relatives of hers.  His mentality is not that different from that of Zafri. Actually no, Zafri is much better. He was at least willing to give Rana time to complete her studies. Adeel has refused to allow her to go back to college. She is still continuing somehow but he is doing all he can to stop her especially after he saw Ashar picking her up and in the most crude way possible. The way he talks to her, ugh. Disgusting is the politest word that comes to mind.

While Rana is trying to keep Adeel away from her, she is also trying to get help from Ashar bhai. I don’t understand that if Rana can confide in Ashar, why can’t she talk to her mother? Maybe she thinks mommy won’t believe her, (because she didn’t in the last episode) but surely she can tell Ashar to tell her everything? Why does it have to be so bloody complicated? Does she think Ashar will be able to take a stand for her? Maybe he will but on what grounds? Her game plan is extremely vague. It doesn’t help that every time she tries talking to Ashar, Adeel intervenes and while Rana becomes like a deer caught in the headlights, he knows just how to push Ashar away, by dishing out threats or coaxing Rana lovingly to claim his ‘ownership’.

Adeel, on the other hand, is playing his moves perfectly. Keeping Rana’s sister happy with a heavy pocket money, (her mother was nowhere to be seen) and seeking his father’s permission to take Rana out when she refused to go, he has got everyone on his side. (Speaking of her sister, who would want to accompany their sister on her honeymoon?) By treating her contempt for Maria as jealousy that he ‘likes’ he’s made sure she won’t protest on her visiting in future.

But there is one front on which Rana has won. Kind of. She’ll be getting rid of Adeel soon, if only for a few months, as he will be in Islamabad to handle his father’s business there and Rana will be home, studying for her exams. Knowing him though, this victory of hers will come with a huge price tag.

Don’t like ‘your’ smile on ‘her’ face, do you Adeel?


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