Mana Ka Gharana episode 4 ~ Review

Finally Mana has something else to think about than Maalik uncle’s attitude and Zari Khala’s problems. She has a reason to smile. But even that has come with a cost.

This episode zoomed in a bit on Khizar and Mana’s relationship, Khizar’s feelings for her and what the family thought of their future together. Though Maalik and Zari remained the focus of the episode, the twist in their story affected Mana’s life as well.


Gulbahar is back with a bang. Just when Maalik started thinking of moving on, she walked back in his life, determined to make their relationship work this time. He bought Zari a perfume for her birthday, for God’s sake. All I could think was ‘poor guy’. Apart from him, everyone including Zari was pretty civil to her, despite her snide remarks and implications that Zari is trying to woo her husband.

As for Zari, it’s hard not sympathise with her. She remains so poised and sophisticated but underneath, there is a sense of deprivation and loneliness.

Mana’s mother was extremely welcoming. After the initial shock that lasted for a few seconds, she had no qualms welcoming Gulbahar back in the house as if it was natural for her to drop by unannounced. I don’t understand her frankly. Sometimes her priorities seem too confusing. She doesn’t want Mana and Khizar to get married because she’s afraid he will end up just as unhappy as Maalik. Reason: she feels that Mana, her own daughter, will wreck Khizar’s life like Gulbahar wrecked Maalik’s.

Maalik’s apparent denial to resuscitate his marriage didn’t discourage Gulbahar at all. Once again, he sought refuge in the woods and once again, Khizar managed to make him realise that instead of running, he needs to face this new problem head on. His concern for Zari is greater than his contempt for Gulbahar but he’s still indecisive. Does he want to divorce her? According to him it’s her who refuses to get a divorce even though she doesn’t love him but this excuse isn’t too convincing. Rs 50 lacs of Gulbahar’s unpaid haq mehr sound like a more plausible reason for the delay in divorce.


Gulbahar, on the other hand, is sure he will eventually come back to her. But she also has other designs that might threaten Khizar’s belief that ‘woh kuch bhi chah lain na, hamari family ko tinka barabar nuqsan nahi pohncha sakti’. Remember the rich bad boy? Well, he is Gulbahar’s nephew, Sheharyar, and she wants Mana to get married to him. Both Mana and her mother are pretty happy with the proposal. Khizar? Not so much.



The poor guy really is in love with Mana and probably always assumed that she knew and maybe felt the same way about him. He was nearly in tears when Mana pretended to faint. So naturally, when he heard that Gulbahar aunty of all people has a proposal for Mana and that she is happy about it, it came as a shock. She can’t understand his reaction and looks like she doesn’t want to. Her dream of a better life, in a city of lights is finally coming true. Surprisingly (or not) the only person who understood Khizar’s reaction is Zari.

This bliss, however, didn’t make Mana immune to Khizar’s anger. She is pretty disturbed because for the first time, her happiness has upset him, her only friend.


Mana’s father wasn’t too thrilled by the proposal either. He, like Zari, believes Khizar is the right man for his daughter. However, will he be able to hold on to this wish when he sees Mana’s happiness?


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