Gul-e-Rana episode 8 ~ review

This was probably the most awaited episode of Gul-e-Rana. Did it live up to our expectations? Kind of.

Picking up from where we left off last week, which is perhaps the most hit dialogue of the season: ‘Mere itna qareeb mat aya karo. Mohabbat karta hun tum se, pagal hojaon ga’, (which, though they are ashamed to admit it, made people’s hearts ‘flutter’ :p), Adeel took ‘khabasat’ to a new level. Rana had nowhere to hide and, surrounded by Adeel’s shady friends, was left with no choice but to sign the marriage papers. His chase is over and he has emerged victorious with his new ‘conquest’ under his thumb.

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Though it seemed that Rana too would turn into a bechari, qismat ki satayi hui aurat, who does nothing but weep all the time, thankfully she kept herself collected and instead of flooding the house with tears tried to figure out ways to get out of this problem. She is aware that Adeel, who is vindictive as hell, would never divorce her so telling taya abu that he likes Maria was her idea of damage control but the poor soul should have known better. Not only did her ‘husband’ blackmail her, he embarrassed her in front of her mother.


Adeel knows how to turn around the most embarrassing situations in his favour. He was as flustered as Rana when her mother walked in on them while he was trying to ‘romance’ with her but within moments he had worked up an excuse and made sure that this time, Rana wouldn’t turn him down. But he couldn’t make himself look bad of course. Switching from ‘aunty’ to ‘chachi jan’ as he ‘requested’ her to say yes to his proposal this time, he easily left Rana to bear the brunt.

Muneera’s reaction was extremely disappointing. How can a mother be so demeaning to her own daughter? How can she not know that something is bothering Rana? Even though it was clearly Adeel who had his hands on Rana, she didn’t say so much as a word to him. No, it was all Rana’s fault.

Though she has still not bowed down to him, Rana knows that she can only protest verbally. No matter how much she insults him, she has no choice but to do what Adeel wants her to do while he keeps up with his old lifestyle. He pretended to be a victim in front of Maria so she is still running after him, he’s already told Rana that he has tons of girlfriends that he might ditch only if she does whatever he wants her to like a good, obedient wife. She still gets under his skin but he isn’t too bothered because he knows she can’t do much besides talking.


Ashar and his family too had numerous scenes this week and I didn’t understand the point of any. This parallel storyline makes no sense to me.

Feroze Khan and Sajal Ali were both on point. Adeel’s joy after his ‘victory’ while Rana’s contempt combined with helplessness was wonderfully portrayed by both actors. They have amazing chemistry. And editing was much better too; despite constant appearances made by Ashar’s family, Rana and Adeel’s storyline continued to develop and they are finally wedded without the long functions and rasmain.


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