Mana Ka Gharana episode 2-3 ~ Review

It’s safe to say that the 3rd episode of MKG was a reaction of the 2nd one. Last week’s episode brought many skeletons out of the closet and it became easier to empathise with Maalik to some extent, who left the house when Zari moved in. This angered Mana’s mother, who is more concerned about Maalik than his own brother. The family covered up for him while Khizar to look for him. It was pretty easy, he was just sitting there on a rock looking down at the valley, brooding.


Though he said he wasn’t angry at anyone, Khizar successfully broke the ice, played around with his emotions and left him there after telling him that he wasn’t the brave person everyone thought he was. Obviously, Maalik had no choice but to follow him. Bhanje k samne kuch to bharam rakhna tha. I love that even though there was a confrontation between Khizar and Maalik, neither of them lost their cool.

Returning home did not keep Maalik from insulting Zari though. One could say she pushed him by constantly trying to make him speak up, commenting on his distant behaviour and then going into his room, opening his wardrobe and shattering his wife’s picture frame. All of it was guaranteed to garner a reaction. I’d say she was just curious and wanted to feel comfortable around everyone in the family, including him. So trying to make him talk was an attempt to break the ice. But he only responded with sarcastic comments and taunts. She really is a patient woman to endure such personal attacks.

Entering his room in his absence, however, was intrusive and offensive. Maalik reacted strongly and we found out that they were engaged in the past till he fell in love with one Gulbahar and broke it off with Zari to marry her. Apparently, she never got over him. Or maybe she has and just wants to know how their marriage has worked out. Either way, it was pretty rude of Maalik to put it into words and accuse her of being jealous of his wife. This was the last straw; Zari decided to leave. She had to return though, her prick of a brother sold the house and shifted to Dubai without informing anyone.

Her decision had a strong effect on Maalik though. He’s not completely transformed, but has now started to realise that his attitude is painful for people around him. His first step was an apology and an attempt to stop Zari from leaving. Next, he bought her favourite books after she returned to their house. And the maid is finally permitted to clean his room.

Mana, who can’t stop dreaming of living in a big city, might have found a ticket to get out. A nameless big shot (Danial Raheel) has arrived in the village and that too in a shiny white car. Though she isn’t thinking too far ahead right now, she definitely is crushing on the arrogant, rich guy she doesn’t even know the name of. Khizar is unaware of it so far.

Mana and Khizar’s relationship is adorable though. They don’t just hangout and bicker with each other like kids, they realise their responsibilities towards their family as well and team up to do whatever they can to keep everyone together.

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The story is slow, but it’s moving forward anyhow. The actors are all doing a great job. There’s little to complain about so far.


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