Gul-e-Rana episode 7 ~ review

As much as I wanted to post this episode’s review straight away, my books never left me alone. *Sigh* Anyway, here it is.

The episode started with a lost Hamna staring at a horse’s statue when Adeel appears and pulls her out of her reverie. We find out that both she and her mother are not so thrilled about the prospect of Rana’s marriage with Zafri. That’s hardly a surprise, the mere thought of it is ridiculous. Anyway, Adeel solves this for the family and bluntly tells phopo to stop dreaming. With this small hindrance out of the way, Adeel becomes more focused on his goal of wooing Rana. He actually tried to set a good impression (too late) but she won’t budge. Hamna is a huge fan of Adeel, though. And surprisingly, he treats her with a lot of respect too.

Tanya, as a last attempt to save her ‘relationship’ with Adeel, visits the house and runs into Rana of all people. After hearing her dukh bhari kahani Rana suggests she go to his father instead and at that moment Adeel appears. His ridicule and contempt for Tanya angers Rana and she calls him a ‘ghatiya admi’ which leads him to manhandle her.

However, Adeel, being the sly, manipulating person that he is, realizes too well that he cannot afford to offend Rana in any way at this point. The way he changes tactics within seconds, going from angry to charming would disarm anyone. Even Rana seemed confused when seconds after telling her to think before she says anything to him, he assures her ‘mai aisa insaan nahi hun’. Save his encounter with her when he sees her getting off Ashar bhai’s bike and later, when he tries to force her into saying yes to marry him, every time Rana told him off he collected himself before he got too angry.

It’s too late however. Rana does not like him and she is strong enough to stop herself from falling into his trap. So despite everyone’s joy at Adeel’s proposal for her (except Aunty) she firmly refuses. Apart from Aunty/stepmom, everyone is baffled by her decision. She understands that Rana is too good for Adeel and though she guards herself when he tells her his intention, her concern is obvious. She, like Rana, doesn’t trust him.


Anyway, Adeel gets super angry and tries to force Rana into saying yes by restraining her when she tries to walk away. After struggling to get out of his grasp, she finally slaps him to make him let go and then speaks her mind. Adeel doesn’t care what she thinks. The slap is branded on his soul and Rana needs to pay for it.

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So after apologizing next morning, he goes to pick her up from college by using the most common but guaranteed-to-work excuse: her mother is sick. Rana realizes too late that she has nowhere to run. The scene was executed nicely, the lighting, graffiti on the wall gave an ominous feel to it.

Sajal Ali’s acting this week was pretty impressive, her subtle expressions said all she couldn’t put in words, unlike last week when she just looked lost. One could see that Rana was desperately trying to stay strong and speak her mind in front of Adeel when she actually wanted to run away after slapping him across the face, by the quick pace with which she spoke at first and finally gained her ground. Later her helplessness was obvious when she realized she had been kidnapped.

Feroze Khan was, once again, brilliant. He has succeeded in making Adeel the character that we all love to hate. He brings forth Adeel’s cunning wrapped up in a charming smile so effortlessly. The last scene, especially, was his shining moment when Adeel reveled in watching Rana trying to escape and then mocked her after she questioned his motives.

There were some peeves but this week’s episode was a lot more coherent compared to the previous ones.


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