Gul-e-Rana episode 6 ~ Review

Finally Adeel declares his true intentions! He wants to marry Rana. Surprise!

The 6th episode of Gul-e-Rana didn’t have that many surprises packed as the promos had already shown quite a lot. The episode started with Gulaab telling Adeel how Laila tried to bribe Gul-e-Rana to spy for her and how the latter got angry and returned it. Needless to say, Adeel was happy to hear this non-laalchi pana of his ‘property’.

Zafri, undeterred by Adeel’s obvious displeasure of him acting as Rana’s shadow, renewed his efforts to make her warm up to him only to make her and Adeel angrier. But he is a tough nut and with his mother’s support, he never had any doubts about his chances and so never backed off. Almost half the episode was full of scenes showing Zafri’s attempts of flirting with Rana, and Adeel appearing as her guardian angel out of nowhere.

That caption on his shirt though. The ‘beast’ really doesn’t stop stalking.

However, it’s clear that so far, his protective instinct is not born out of love. He sees Rana as his belonging that he doesn’t want to share with anyone. Adeel is not just a misogynist; he is also a sadist. This trait of his character could have been established more successfully if Rana and Adeel would have more scenes alone so we could see how much of a guardian he is when he has her all to himself.

Tanya appeared yet again and Adeel’s conversation with her portrayed how much of a hypocrite he is. And to an extent, it also explained why Adeel is the brat that he is when his father seems to be a decent man: papa ji is blissfully ignorant of his ‘business relationships’ and Adeel would rather it stays that way.


Rana looked lost throughout the episode, trying to figure out ways to escape her clingy phopo and Zafri and never succeeding until Adeel came to her rescue. But is she thankful to him? Clearly not. Yet it seems that she counted on Adeel to let her out of such situations. This was clear in the birthday scene, when right after phopo dropped the rishta bomb, Rana looked at her mother and then at Adeel. The only explanation I can find is that she expected him to react and pave a way for her to escape this situation as well. What irritated me most though was Muneera’s helpless attitude. She just smiled! How does she expect to teach her daughters ‘zindagi guzarne ka saleeqa’ when she doesn’t even have enough courage to take a stand for them?

As for Adeel, well, his anger wasn’t alarming at all. His family really is blind to not be able to see the reason behind his extreme reaction. Zafri, the ultimate loser, has more foresight!

The last scene was the crux of the entire episode. Rana’s reaction to Adeel’s confession was a bit weird. Maybe she is confused, scared or maybe she just wanted to act like she doesn’t care about his intentions or plans for her. Feroze Khan gave an amazing performance, he truly dominated that scene. Except in the end where his expressions almost fell flat. Almost.


The one scene I couldn’t understand at all was the necklace gifting one. Wasn’t Adeel angry at Laila? Why that show of affection all of a sudden and that too on Maria’s birthday? And if we attribute that to his mood swings, why did he look so guilty when he saw Rana watching him? It was completely out of character for him! That shaking of the head seemed like he wanted to say ‘it’s not what you think!’. And why did Rana look so angry and disappointed? Hasn’t she already guessed what Adeel is like?

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Sajal Ali was kind of monotonous, she wore the same expression throughout the episode except for her scene with Rubina Ashraf, where she looked clearly angry. The repetition in this episode made it hard for me not to fidget and pray that the story would move on a bit. And the biggest issue, again: editing! The scenes were incoherent, and either too rushed or too long. Adeel’s office scenes seemed to have been forced into the episode somehow. Considering this is a huge project, the final product should have been executed better.

What did you think of this episode? Leave your feedback in the comments.



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