Mana Ka Gharana Ep 1 ~ Review

Mana Ka Gharana’s first episode offered a good look into the characters, and introduced an intriguing plot line. While the leads are Sana Javed and Shehroze Subzwari, the episode focused on Shamil Khan’s character, Maalik, which is interesting to say the least.

The story revolves around Mana (Sana Javed) and her family, hence Mana Ka Gharana. She lives with her parents (Anjum Habibi and Raheela Agha), uncle Maalik (Shamil Khan) and cousin Khizar (Shehroze Subzwari). Mana’s father is paralysed from the waist down and therefore, Khizar looks after his bakery for him. Even though he doesn’t show it, Mana’s father has difficulty accepting his fate. Maalik is a teacher in a boys’ college. Mana just roams around the valley or helps in house chores. Zuhaab Khan appears as Happy, a helper at the bakery.

Anjum Habibi as Ghaalib, Mana’s father

The family is closely knit and is apparently living a happy and satisfied life together in an isolated yet scenic valley up north (I don’t know the exact locations of shooting) but everyone in the family carries some baggage of their own. Maalik carries the heaviest burden of them all. That his name is Maalik is a huge irony in itself. He detests women to the extent that he can’t even tolerate the presence of the maid in his room. Mana and her mother are the only women he respects. Why he’s so determined to hate the female sex is a mystery. I’m guessing a disloyal wife.

Shamil Khan as Maalik

Moving on, the story grows a bit tense when Mana’s mother invites her cousin from Hyderabad to live at their house because she’s apparently being maltreated at her house. Maalik is vocally against the decision and almost leaves the house but his older brother, Ghaalib manages to restrain him. And the way for Zari (Iram Akhtar) is clear. There seems to be some history between Zari and Maalik by the way she greeted him.

Iram Akhtar as Zari along with Shamil Khan

Now a bit about the lead pair: Mana is a friendly girl who is apparently done with studies and helps around the house. She aspires to leave the isolated valley one day and is pretty tired of her mundane life. She is not bitter though and tries to make most of her situation. But there is some resentment as she feels unappreciated and restricted. And though she isn’t aware of it, her attitude is a bit condescending towards her best friend, or only friend, Khizar. He has to fix the car no matter how busy he is, he is wasting his life by running the bakery…but she still has her heart in the right place.

Sana Javed as Mana

Khizar has lived with them since God knows when. He is a responsible, down-to-earth guy who is nice to everyone. Though it’s portrayed very subtly, one can see that Khizar, under all the happy-go-lucky demeanour feels like an outsider who needs to earn his place. He is extremely devoted to his uncles and especially Mana, and would do anything to make her happy. At the same time he doesn’t consider himself her equal.

Shehroze Subzwari as Khizar

The characters are interesting and the actors are doing them justice. Expressions conveyed a lot in this episode and I hope it stays the same way throughout the serial.

While there were some glitches, overall the opening of Mana Ka Gharana is sure to engage audience. No long scenes, no monologues, no loud background music (except in one or two scenes). Acting is really good so far, Shamil Khan especially stands out portraying Maalik as a sincere person with a disturbing past. Sana Javed and Shehroze Subzwari work really well with each other. I’m definitely on this serial’s bandwagon.

What did you think of this episode? Leave your feedback in the comments.



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