Gul-e-Rana episode 1-5 ~ Review

After watching the promos how can one resist watching this serial?! Breathtaking locations, intriguing dialogues and a lead pair with crackling chemistry…everything made the project looked promising.

The storyline didn’t seem too unusual at first but it has become a bit intense since the last two episodes. Gul-e-Rana (Sajal Ali) is a quiet yet confident girl who belongs to a middle class family. Tragedy strikes and Rana’s father (Behroz Subzwari) passes away in a car crash. Being the oldest child of the family, she feels responsible for her mother and younger sister. The family is struck by financial difficulties and just as they resort to start selling their belongings, Rana’s uncle appears from nowhere. Ok he came from Karachi. But she wasn’t aware of his existence until then because he is her father’s step brother and they had a falling out. Anyway, he takes the family away with him to Karachi so they can live comfortably in his house.

Rana’s uncle, Kamaal (Mehmood Akhtar) also supports his two older sisters who are both widowed and both tremble at the thought of someone snatching away Kamaal’s dolat. Therefore they have shamelessly told their daughters to try and woo Adeel (Feroze Khan), Kamaal’s only son, into marrying them so they can have all the money and property. The daughters don’t disappoint: Laila and Maria rarely leave Adeel alone and being the narcissist that he is, Adeel revels in their obvious attempts to impress him. What his cousins don’t realise is that he has other similar admirers in his partying social circle too.

So it is a shock for Mr Obnoxious when Gul-e-Rana avoids talking to him or can’t stand him touching her. To be fair, his shock is a bit justified because Rana’s cold behaviour towards him is really uncalled for. When she first saw him she jumped at him with a bailan yelling chor, chor. Next morning, she snatched her breakfast from his hands which he mistook for his own. I mean she could’ve been polite. And later when she was frantically trying to call someone (ambulance, Ashar ‘bhai’?) because her mother (Rubina Ashraf) had caught fever, Adeel told her he’ll call his doctor and tried to guide her towards the sofa so she could relax. Rana’s reaction: ‘ainda mujhe hath mat lagayie ga’. Even after the doctor came and her mother was better, he had to remind her that she should at least say thanks. Matlab, baji to halki hi nahi parh rahin kisi soorat. Yes, Adeel is a bad person but he’d been nice to Rana up until then so her being rude to him is incomprehensible, at least for me.

In order to get over his frustration of what he considers open rejection, he is now trying different tactics to intimidate, if not impress, Rana. He also cannot stand the attention his good-for-nothing cousin Zafri showers over her. Protecting her from Zafri, while tormenting her when he finds her alone; there’s clearly a clash of feelings.

This is the first time I’ve seen Feroze Khan onscreen and thankfully he is not an eyesore unlike many other newcomers. He’s done a good job portraying the bigra hua ameerzada, but you can also see Adeel’s good side. He doesn’t respect anyone except his father, but genuinely loves and cares for his greedy phopos. And though he doesn’t hesitate in telling his step mother (Farah Shah) off for not calling his aunts, he doesn’t let them bitch about her.

Sajal Ali is good as usual while the supporting cast is both good and bad. The scenes, especially those involving the two cousins, the real names of whom I do not know, are over the top and seem very artificial. There is a dire need of a good editor, for the long scenes and unreal dialogues become exhausting to watch. Also, whoever arranged Adeel’s wardrobe should shut down their business. Gul-e-Rana is so far a guilty pleasure but I really do hope it gets better with time.

What did you think of this episode? Leave your feedback in the comments.



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